Follow Jesus–to Facebook?

Hey TUC’ers:

I hope you can join us for a sample of real, and not virtual, community, this coming Sunday, as the sermon topic is “Would Jesus Be On Facebook?”  I’ll refer to some of the research I gleaned in the Kellogg Executive Education class I took in late September, and in this process I’ll recognize the source of the sermon title: Richard Honack, Lecturer in the Kellogg program and researcher of marketing and media trends.  Mr. Honack might be busy with other commitments this coming Sunday, and if he is, he can read (or listen) to a copy of the sermon on the TUC Web site–or on our Facebook page.  I might even post it prior to the sermon, just as one measure to gauge who visits the site.  And so–a talk back opportunity before Sunday morning, and if your comments are interesting and funny (appropriately so!), I’ll mention them in the message.

I appreciated the comments on my blog post citing the recent Pew religion quiz.  A recent addition to the congregation (Gerry Messler) sent a link to a similar quiz developed by New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof wherein he emphasizes the themes of tolerance and acceptance of cultural, sexual and religious diversity:  You might take a moment to see how your knowledge of the Qur’an stands against what you know of the Bible.  Tell me how you scored!

Meanwhile, it’s October 14th, and thus: happy birthday, Sir Paul McCartney.  Some of us still need you, even as you’re 64 (or a bit older).

Lastly, it’s another sad farewell to a long-time TUC congregant who passed away in late September: Lois Delloff, who died during her stay at an assisted living facility in California.  She’ll be warmly remembered by many at TUC, particularly by her friends in the Women’s Alliance.  I’ll pass along news of memorial services as soon as I get it.

See you in church!

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