The Harvest Gang, etc.

Hey TUC’ers:

And what have you done to redeem yourselves in this unexpectedly clement November weather?  Any strolls through a forest preserve, or a lakefront jog?  I imagine Bob Riddle has been gliding through the clouds over northern Illinois, but what about you?  Let me know what you’ve done to maximize your out-of-doors time this very pleasant fall.  Last weekend after the “Anniversary Sunday” celebration of life–and thanks to Scott Aaseng and the choir for their fine performance–Michele Kruegel led a band of gardeners out back to tuck in the garden beds for the winter.  She wasn’t along pulling weeds, salvaging the end-of-season-tomatoes, stocking the new compost box and spreading straw.  The Glynn-Massons and the ubiquitous Jerry Parker were also spied pitching in, and they worked, as dedicated gardeners will, until late in the afternoon.  The picture at lower left shows them enjoying respite at the end of the day.  Make sure to check with Michele and the garden gurus with your thoughts and aspirations for next year’s plantings.  We’re also anxiously awaiting Michele’s landscaping plan for the entire 301 N. Mayfield property–maybe we’ll see an artist’s rendering of said plan.

See you in church this Sunday for the second multi-generational “Celebration of Life” of the year, and you’ll see how difficult it is to outlaw jelly beans at Third!

The Harvest Gang in the late afternoon November sun



One response to “The Harvest Gang, etc.

  1. Hoorah for the Garden Muskateers!

    Hoorah for jelly beans!

    Let’s grow jelly beans next year!

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