Austin Scholarship, Earl’s Wisdom, in 13.1 miles or less

Hey TUC:
You might feel like the church “year” is over, what with the summery climes this weekend. One U. of C. wag once said Chicago was a “Southern city with a Northern climate,” and while that might be in some ways true, it can still feel like Atlanta from June to September around here. In any case, we’ll have fifteen scholarship award recipients and their families in the Sanctuary this Sunday, and it’s one of the highlights on our calendar. Former Austin High School principal Earl Williams, a product of the Chicago Public School system, and a long-time educator, will have an insightful message to share with the students about perseverance and commitment to advancement. He should know; his life and leadership in the city’s school is a testament to both. And he might share his recollections of the Scholarship program’s early days, which would be of particular interest to those of us who’ve come to TUC in the last decade. If you plan to be with us this Sunday, get here early–seating will be at a premium.

Our Board of Trustees will meet for their end-of-the-year gathering at the Zacny/ Barcroft home tomorrow. They’ll both assess the past year and get ready for the new one, all while thanking the out-going members and welcoming the incoming class. I’ll join them after running in the Chicago “13.1” half-marathon, which starts and ends at the South Shore Cultural Center in the morning. With temps expected to be in the 80’s, I hope to have something left in the tank for the rest of the weekend. Stay tuned, and a picture of some of the Austin Outreach “movers and shakers” is below.

See you in church!


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