“Closing Sunday,” Father’s Day, and the TUC Construction boom…

Hey TUC:
I hope you can join us for “Closing Sunday” this coming Sunday at 11 a.m., when we’ll recognize Flower Communion and offer our thanks to a variety of folks, notably our outgoing Interim Director of Music Scott Aaseng! Scoot has been terrific in his role over the past two years, and he’ll be dearly missed.

Also, our summer work projects are in full gear at the moment, with the “old” iron fence having been installed in the Community Garden this morning. The new five-foot fence will be in place later next week, along with a new retaining wall next to the Robeson Room south windows. I’m also pleased at our record of hiring minority contractors for these projects, with Davis and Sons Iron Work, Inc. being an example. Pictured on break from their labors below are Eugene and Tim Davis, respectively, and in honor of Father’s Day, I’ve also included a picture of the Orono, ME, High School varsity baseball coaching staff–my brother-in-law Donnie Joseph on the left, and my dad Wally Covell on the right.

See you in church!




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