TUC Occupies the Progressive Dinner–and Chicago!

Hey TUC:

Good to see almost a packed house at our “Celebration of Life” last weekend, and it was a pleasure to recall four key TUC “living icons” of the 20th Century–Norm Roth, Harry Gaynor, Margaret “Peg” Sering and the Reverend E.T. Buehrer.  The naming ceremony for the latest member of the Bradley clan to join Third Church was also a treat (see the picture below).  I hope you’ve made your plans to attend the annual “Progressive Dinner,” held at the Oak Park homes of Bebe Simon, Mena and David Boulanger, Karla Chew, and Ann and Joe Kransdorf, tomorrow night.  Sunday morning will also be busy, with the Bob Simpson Forum at 10 a.m., the “Celebration of Life” at 11 a.m., both focused on the “Occupy” movement.  Then we’ll decamp for the corner of LaSalle and Jackson downtown next to the Board of Trade to join those who lead the “Occupy” movement here in the city.  We’ll be joined by folks from First Unitarian Church, Second Unitarian Church, Unity Temple UU Congregation, Beverly Unitarian Church on the city’s South Side and the Unitarian Church of Evanston as we offer moral support, bring food and plan next steps for a Chicago UU presence with “Occupy” as we move into winter.

I have to agree with Hendrik Hertzberg, the New Yorker writer, when he says that Occupiers have to learn that “real change” to a “political economy rigged to benefit the rich over the poor” is through politics themselves.  But with a U.S. political system so in the thrall of monied interests, protests and other calls for a change outside this “political economy” must not be minimized.  For indeed, Mr. Hertzberg and others have to remember how demonstrations influenced public policy during the Civil Rights and Vietnam War eras.

See you in church!

Everyone looks at the star of the show last Sunday!

One response to “TUC Occupies the Progressive Dinner–and Chicago!

  1. Being with the Chicago UU community in spirit is the next best thing! TUC’s community ministry members get regular updates here in the prison, and all the good work is appreciated! Rev. Leslie Kee, Chaplain Wyo.Women’s Center

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